Final/Mesopotamia Film Festival

As we know, there are many different cultures, nations, and identities in Istanbul. However nowadays monotony has surrounded this polyphony. It is right that truth is one and cannot be two! Alike buildings, streets, neighborhoods, and peoples, which are parts of a city; art also is a prominent part of this city and all the other cities.

Some anti-system festivals take place opposing the monotony. Istanbul Film Festival aims to support the anti-system festivals and to become a new potency and effort in criteria of cinema. The purpose is to screen first the Kurdish films then those from different nations.

Undoubtedly, cinema is a product of great hearts, strong consciences, and free thoughts. Cinema is the voice of whatever that is “covered and concealed”. It reveals whatever covered and hidden behind the walls by putting them on the white screen and turn them into moving scenes. Cinema pays no attention to boundaries made by authorities and it makes a common sense and power from all over the world.

Unlike producing, broadcasting, and screening the films supported by system, our attempt is to show the public films from different cultures and identities. The importance and the necessity of Mesopotamia Film Festival is obvious.
Join us and be a part of our joy