The First Kurdish Film Festival took place during 6th to 10th of March 2019. According to opinions and suggestions, and in order to introduce the festival to more people and audiences, this time we shall open the festival with a broader content under the title of Mesopotamia Film Festival.


MMesopotamia Cinema Centre and the Middle East Cinema Association shall open the Second Mesopotamia Film Festival in cooperation, during 1st to 5th of April 2020.


The main purposes of Mesopotamia Film Festival are:
Encouraging the cinema art
To help progress Kurdish cinema
Presenting films without having the opportunity to be shown to the audience in Turkey
Making a relation between cinema and the city
Showing films holding different cultural identities


Application start: 15th of January 2020
Application deadline: 15th of February 2020, 5:00 p.m.
Films in the category of Feature Films, Short Films, Animations, and Documentaries are accepted for the submission.
In order to protect the copyright, only directors and/or film producers are eligible to submit the form. In case the product belongs to more than one person, it is necessary to mention the others’ personal information too. Each person can submit maximum two films. Only the films produced since 2018 are accepted for the festival.
The applicants should complete the form below and send it to the email address:

A)The film link for watching online (vimeo, youtube, etc)
B)The film description and also in what film festival it has been shown before and what prize (if there is any) it has won
C)The synopsis in Kurdish and Turkish languages
D)The poster
E)A photo and a CV of the director in Kurdish and Turkish
F)Some photos of the film
G)QuickTime, mp4 or format of the film, 16:9 and at least 1920x1080p a fragment without subtitle and an online link of the fragment in order to be shown online on the festival website.
H)The subtitles should be either in Kurdish or Turkish. The Turkish films should have Kurdish subtitle and the Kurdish films should have Turkish subtitle. The films in other languages should contain English subtitle


The films to be shown in the festival shall be announced after an evaluation. The films containing racism, insulting a religion or a specific belief, and the films which spread patriarchy viewpoints and are against the humanitarian common cultures, will not be accepted for the festival. In case of too many applications, the films with high cinematic and aesthetic quality and the films needed for the festival will have priority in acceptance.
The festival committee has the right to eliminate films lacking a high technical quality.
The producers, directors, and the film owners submitted the application for the Second Mesopotamia Film Festival should be aware of the conditions they accepted on above. It is necessary for the applicants to confirm the validity of the information provided by them in the form.
The festival committee has the right to change the terms and conditions.